The Covid Collective research platform offers rapid social science research to inform decision-making on some of the most pressing development challenges related to Covid-19.

The global Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis requiring rapid generation of policy-relevant evidence to inform decision-making as we move from crisis to recovery phase and beyond. The Covid Collective research platform brings together the expertise of global partner organisations, coordinated by the Institute of Development Studies. 

The research portfolio and work of the collective is overseen by an FCDO and IDS Executive Committee supported by an Advisory Group made up of representation from partner institutions to help guide the evolution of the Collective.

Generating research and evidence through grants.

The Covid Collective commissions work under four thematic bases – governance and politics, social development and inclusion, conflict, and humanitarian. Grants support partners to build on existing Covid-19 research and evidence responses but also funds new research responding to emerging needs and opportunities arising from Covid-19 in real time.

Communicating knowledge and generating learning to inform decision-making.

The platform will include a range of activities to support mutual learning across geographic and sectoral boundaries, to identify potential synergies and opportunities for collaboration and to strengthen engagement with policy networks and decision-makers.

Through our support  for urgent, mid-, and longer-term knowledge creation, synthesis and translation we also hope to help catalyse more transformative changes in our sector including:

New partnerships, more effective collaboration and greater collective action, to help tackle global development challenges. 

Stronger integration of social science evidence in decision-making to bring the lived experiences of the most marginalised in our society more into policy design and practice.