Social development and inclusion

How has COVID-19 shaped the engagement of research with policy and practice in Low and Middle Income Countries?


Last week COVID CIRCLE (UKCDR) and Covid Collective held a joint webinar exploring the impact of social science research in shaping the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event brought together members of COVID CIRCLE (UKCDR) & Covid Collective (IDS) researcher communities, along with other colleagues from across the research for development landscape. Two researchers from each programme gave their reflections on research engagement during the pandemic in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) settings. Dr Maxine Caws, Senior Lecturer from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, spoke about the importance of building scientific capacity to respond to these crises through her research in Nepal. Andrea Ordóñez, Director of Southern Voice, then shared her lessons from the pandemic, outlining the need to foster better, more inclusive knowledge systems.

We asked Daniela Toale, Programme Manager of COVID CIRCLE at UKCDR, and Peter Taylor, Research Director of the Covid Collective, to share their thoughts on some of the questions that emerged from the event.

This commentary was first published on IDS website and you can can access the full version here

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