African Cities and Covid-19 – learning and building knowledge: Developmental coalitions in informal settlements

Kenya, Somalia, Uganda
Phase 1
Informal settlements
Informal settlements

How can local-level partnership teams – involving residents, community groups, government and other actors – support effective responses to the health, economic and social risks posed by the pandemic? This action research project will directly support the advancement of these multi-stakeholder coalitions in informal settlements in three Africa cities, respond to emerging knowledge needs related to pandemic planning and co-develop research methods and impact strategies.

Through this support, and monitoring of the outcomes, the team will develop insights into which governance approaches were effective, what were the limiting or enabling factors, and what the significance of political settlements was in determining government responses in different urban contexts. It will support policy impact with briefing notes designed to assist governments and other agencies with summaries of the most recent evidence and of the implications for policy and practice.


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