Helpdesk report

Initiatives for the Governance of the Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout, with Special Reference to Social Inclusion 

This rapid review was sourced from key websites and used some keyword searching whilst making an effort to filter out news and media. As systematic searching is not possible within the scope of this review, it cannot be considered a comprehensive listing of activity in the area of vaccine rollout. It is also likely that initiatives and support are occurring which are unpublished. This report should, therefore, be considered a snapshot of activity in this area. It comprises a list of what was found and cannot make assertions about inactivity based on what was not found.

The question asked for ‘initiatives’ to be identified, and it has been interpreted broadly. The search identified reports describing support for rollouts, published guidelines, frameworks, calls to action and opinion pieces. The information is organised by institution type. Often information was in the form of a news piece or blog rather than formal documentation, as the situation is current and unfolding and recent information is only available in this type of media. Vaccine passports were outside of the scope of this review.

Laura Bolton
Research Officer
Institute of Development Studies