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Managing Multiple Crises: Lessons from Covid-19

The World is facing numerous, overlapping crises with the war in Ukraine exacerbating a global cost-of-living crisis, coupled with the lingering effects of Covid-19 and ongoing climate change impacts. After nearly three years of dealing with Covid-19, the world economy has been left in a fragile state and the ability of countries and people to deal with multiple, compounding issues has therefore also been eroding (UN, 2022, p. 2). Those that are most marginalised and least able to cope will likely be hit the hardest by these crises.

This rapid review does not provide an in-depth discussion of these issues or the proposed solutions needed, but looks to learnings from managing the Covid-19 pandemic, especially where the pandemic overlapped with other crises, as well as the wider disaster risk and crisis management literature to gather insights into how these turbulent times and future crises can be navigated.

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Price, R.A. (2022) Managing Multiple Crises: Lessons from Covid-19, Covid Collective Phase 2 Helpdesk Report No. 2, Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies, DOI: 10.19088/CC.2022.006

Roz Price