Disability and Covid-19 in Vietnam

Phase 1
Social development and inclusion
Social development and inclusion

This research, led by the International Centre for Evidence in Disability (ICED) at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), complements other work in their “Covid-19 & disability” project and provides an additional setting in an ASEAN country from which to explore the experience of people with disabilities during the pandemic.

Vietnam has been considered a model case for its successful containment of Covid-19, although the rigorous containment measures have been acknowledged to have had social and economic consequences amongst the general population. Emerging evidence suggests that people with disabilities may have been particularly affected, but more research is needed to inform policy and planning.

Additionally, research will explore in greater depth the inclusion of people with disabilities in vaccine roll-out and will include a quantitative component, with a survey of people with and without disabilities in the three largest cities to triangulate findings within the qualitative research and offer comparisons of the experience between people with and without disabilities.


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