Governance of Equitable Access to Vaccination and Food Security for Internal Migrants in Vietnam and Laos

Laos, Vietnam
Phase 1
Social development and inclusion
Social development and inclusion

This project aims to understand the governance of access to vaccination and food for internal migrants in urban and peri-urban areas in Vietnam and Laos in order to improve policies to ensure both effectiveness and the equity of the state’s vaccination and food policies.

The research will:

  • explore the rationales that people use to explain unequal practices that exclude migrants or vulnerable people from access to health care and services
  • identify a fair, transparent and inclusive response to Covid-19 which includes rural migrants the peri-urban and urban areas
  • understand how Covid-19 lockdown measures have affected migrants’ access to healthy and nutritious food such as fresh vegetables, fruits and animal-sourced protein
  •  identify formal or informal mechanisms that might have helped migrant workers maintain access to nutritious food.

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