Towards Community-Led, Inclusive COVID-19 Partnerships in ASEAN Cities

Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand
Phase 1
Social development and inclusion
Social development and inclusion

The project will critically examine lessons from the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) community-led responses to the pandemic and explore how these strategies can influence official partnerships or other policy interventions in Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand.

Using a combination of action-research, ongoing reflection, and comparative analysis, the project will analyse how to enhance urban food security and explore the contributions of grassroots partnerships with local authorities, healthcare providers, and other government stakeholders. While the precise focus areas will depend on local entry-points in the four nations, the research will encompass following key areas:

    1. Assessing food security strategies
    2. Understanding contributions of grassroots data-collection and aid distribution
    3. Analysing grassroots funding mechanisms and community-led welfare systems
    4. Improving access to healthcare, vaccines, and COVID-19 information
    5. Supporting inclusive livelihoods

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