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IIED’s mission is to build a fairer, more sustainable world, using evidence, action and influence, working in partnership with others.


Pandemic preparedness

Much has been learned from the Covid-19 pandemic around how the world can limit pandemic risks and respond more effectively. This will require ‘whole of government’ and ‘whole of society’ […]

Social protection and different forms of social assistance

The Covid-19 pandemic led to widespread disruption of livelihoods and loss of income, and exposed and reinforced existing inequalities. In response, almost all countries implemented some form of social protection, […]

Co-balt 19 (Covid, Cobalt and Community)
Responding to Covid: Identifying transformative urban pathways
Strengthening Advocacy and Mobilisation on the Frontlines: Action-Research to Address COVID-Related and Other Risks in Mathare, Nairobi
Towards Community-Led, Inclusive COVID-19 Partnerships in ASEAN Cities
Trees kill Covid: Politics, tree-planting and post-pandemic rural resurgence