Trees kill Covid: Politics, tree-planting and post-pandemic rural resurgence

Ethiopia, Kenya, Pakistan
Phase 1
Citizen-state relations
Citizen-state relations

This project examines the potential to promote sustainable social, economic and environmental recovery through tree planting initiatives. Working with relevant in-country partners IIED will look at how the pandemic has impacted the political dynamics surrounding citizen, government and private sector support for tree planting programmes as well as broader questions of governance, accountability and social and environmental cost/benefits.

A research framework including review of existing initiatives, key informant interviews and the development of three country case studies – Ethiopia, Kenya and Pakistan – will result in practical guidelines for decision-makers in institutions and programmes seeking to promote COVID-recovery through tree planting initiatives. This guidance will address questions including how to provide short term social and economic benefits to communities, provide long-term carbon and biodiversity benefits, and generate political economy incentives for inclusive, sustainable action programmes around trees.


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